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On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 01:44 -0700, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
> In message <1182408338.68646.8.camel@shumai.marcuscom.com>, you wrote:
> >Debugging is the only way to go as I cannot reproduce this problem ,and
> >you are the only one complaining of it. That said, you might try
> >www/firefox (which is Firefox 2.0).

> Begging yourt pardon, but that does not seem to be the case, actually.
> In the /usr/ports tree that was distributed with 6.2-RELEASE (which is
> what I am runing, and what I just installed) the Makefile within the
> www/firefox directory makes it abundantly clear that doing a "make" in
> that directory will only get me another (probably equally broken) copy
> of Firefox
> So what should I do? Download a new /usr/ports tree and then go into
> www/firefox and do a build?

You should get a new ports tree, and follow all relevant steps
in /usr/ports/UPDATING to upgrade all installed packages from their

> >> I don't remember ever installing anything from the /usr/ports tree for=

> >is.
> >>=3D20
> >> I believe that I just pulled the pre-compiled package "firefox-

> >> off of the install CDs. Anyway, in /var/db/pkg I do see an entrit cal=

> >> firefox-,1.

> >
> >Try using ports instead of packages.

> See above. The /usr/ports tree that was distributed with 6.2-RELEASE con=

> the same versions of stuff as are in the pre-compiled packages.
> >>=3D20
> >> OK, so let's say that I want to try the linux-firefox version. I must
> >> ask this: Do I first need to replace all of the X11 related stuff, i.=

> >> "upgrade" from X.org 6.9.0 to X.org 7.2 first?

> >
> >You definitely should upgrade all your ports before reporting problems.

> Yeabut is X11 considered part of "ports"?


> That's what I am asking, and what I would like somebody to help me to
> understand. (Please forgive my abundant ignorance and please do enlighte=

> me.)
> I thought that X11 was _special_ and that it was more of an intergral par=

> of the OS. No? Just another "port"?

X.Org is a meta-port that builds hundreds of other ports (just like
GNOME). If you upgrade, you need to be aware of the special
instructions in /usr/ports/UPDATING.


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