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>> Problem(s) summary:
>> I've just upgraded my main work/desktop system from (ancient) FreeBSD 4.1=

>> to 6.2-RELEASE, and thus, switched from some ancient rev of Mozilla to
>> Firefox, and I'm having some really serious problems with it.

>I hope you rebuilt all of your ports when you did this.

Well, I think that's not a relevant quiestion in my case because when _I_
do an ``upgrade'' I always start from a clean disk, do a fresh install of
the (new) OS that I want, and then I move all of my ``user'' files over to
the freshly installed system.

I've found that it works better to do this, rather than trying to actually
install a new OS releasee over / on-top-of an older one.

So anyway, yes, I end up with a whole new ports tree this way.

>> In particular, it locks up (and pegs CPU usage to 100%) each time I eithe=

>> (a) try to download a file, to disk, from any web site or (b) try to
>> switch back and forth a few times between the cute icons at the top of
>> the little pop-up window that comes up when one tries to adjust "Preferen=

>I don't see this here. You should follow the steps listed at
> to get a backtrace from
>the running process when it pegs the CPU.

Well, thank you, I guess, however the page you pointed me to doesn't
contain any information on getting a stacak trace. It does however contain
a link to this page:

which tries to descrube the process, but it notes that first, I must get a
hold of a version of fixrfox that's been compiled with debugging symbols.
(I know all about this, as I used to work on the GDB debugger quite a lot.)

So now, my big question is: Where/How can I get hold of a binary of Firefox
(1.5.whatever) that has the debugging symbols in it?

I'd also like to know if I _must_ get a stack trace the way that's described
on the page I give a link to above, or if I could instead just run the thing
(Firefox) in GDB and get it that way.

Lastly, if I try to debug it via GDB, will that even work? The last time I
checked... which I admit was perhaps 3+ years ago... GDB didn't undertand
threads properly on FreeBSD, making debugging a thread-based programs with
GDB essentially impossible.

>> (Also, with Mozilla, I found that I could use Cntl-K to delete the part o=

>> any text line to the right of the current cursor position, i.e. within an=

>> text entry area on any wab page. But now that seems to no longer work.
>> Is that a X11 issue? Or is it a Fixefox issue?)

>This is a GTK+ issue. See
> .

THANK YOU! That helps a lot! (It's much better now... Cntl-K works again!

>> Last question: Is Firefox being built ``native'' for FreeBSD? Or is it
>> being built for Linux and then run under the compatability mode? If the
>> former, then where may I download the latest and greatest FreeBSD-compati=

>> FireFox sources? (The problems above are sufficiently annoying to me tha=

>> I might actually take a whack and building and debugging Fixefox myself.)

>It depends on the port you installed. www/firefox is a native FreeBSD
>application. The www/linux-firefox port is the Linux binary.

I don't remember ever installing anything from the /usr/ports tree for this.

I believe that I just pulled the pre-compiled package "firefox-,1"
off of the install CDs. Anyway, in /var/db/pkg I do see an entrit called

OK, so let's say that I want to try the linux-firefox version. I must
ask this: Do I first need to replace all of the X11 related stuff, i.e.
"upgrade" from 6.9.0 to 7.2 first?

I am forced to ask because in my googling over the past couple of days
I have come across some (apparently big) controversy that some blogger
created, all over the issue of which version of X11 needed to be
installed if one wants/wanted to try out the new 2.0.x version of Firefox.

(In fact, I _might_ perhaps want to "upgrade" my X11 anyway, cuz the one
that's installed now is giving me MANY big problems and headaches and seems
to be very buggy. Any advise or guidance you could give me on this topic...
of how to go about upgrading to 7.2... would also be appreciated,
since I actually have not idea whatsoever of even how to begin that
process, let alone what to do about all of the other stuff I am likely
to break when I do it.)

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