Since upgrading to gnome2-2.16.1_2 yesterday, I've noticed that my tape backup have
stopped working.

Checks now reveal that I am no longer able to access the tape device (I've done all the
usual checks on the drive itself), and this has started happening since I upgraded.

This is what I'm now seeing:

# mt stat
mt: /dev/nsa0: Device busy

I can see the tape drive okay enough:
# camcontrol devlist
at scbus0 target 6 lun 0 (sa0,pass0)
at scbus2 target 0 lun 0 (pass1,cd0)

I've tried brand new tapes, running cleaning (new ones) tapes through the drive,
rebooting, etc, but I've effectively now no longer got a working tape drive.

But I can't do anything else with it.

Is there something else / special I would have to do with respect to the upgrade of Gnome,
by chance? I'm wondering if this is in any way related to HAL implementation introduced in
this latest version of Gnome.

Let me know if there's anything else I need to post, please.




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