Stacey Roberts wrote:
> Hello,

> On a freshly built FreeBSD-6.1Stable / Gnome-2.14_1 system, gdeskcal was installed, but
> whereas this would have resulted in gdeskcal appearing in the menu (Applications >
> Accessories) prior to Gnome2.14, there is now nothing for gdeskcal anywhere in any of
> the menu options.
> Is this expected behaviour?
> How do I add gdeskcal to the Applications menu?
> I also only just noticed that there's no longer a "Run application" menu item as well.
> This used to provide the ability to simply enter the full filesystem path to the desired
> application, and then be able to lauch the application that way, or create a launcher at
> that point, too.
> Is it the case that this facility is now provided for somewhere else in the menu layout?
> Regards,
> Stacey

For the "Run Application" Menu, you can right click the panel and goto
"Add to Panel" then you can add the "Run Application" from thier, or you
can Add the "Deskbar" which does the same thing and more, like searching
from google, or other search engines.

For the gDeskcal Issues I would have to install it to see if it acts the
same, but you should be able to create a menu item for it, by right
clicking the "Application" menu and then going to where you want it. I
will try to install gDeskcal soon and see if it is a re-occuring issue.
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