Rick Macklem wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Aug 2007, Patrick Tracanelli wrote:
>> BTW, what about NFS4? Is performance improvement a goal, or just
>> security/kerberos/auth stuff? I have been running NFS4 with gssd,
>> which shall decrease performance. Ill do some benching without gssd
>> comparing to NFS3.

> There is a feature (Delegations) in NFSv4 that I think will help a lot
> w.r.t. performance (it essentially gives a client exclusive rights to a
> file). However, to the best of my knowledge, none of the extant clients
> are using it effectively. (Solaris10 shipped with minimal delegation
> support.)
> I am just testing Delegation stuff, so I should know soon how much it
> helps performance. But a production quality implementation of NFSv4
> with delegations (client side) isn't out there at this point, from
> what I know.

But delegation feature would not fit in an enviroment where we have two
systems accessing the server (same shares, or even the whole nfs4 root),
so parallel nfs4 usage cant count on this feature :/

Patrick Tracanelli
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