On Thu, 29 Jun 2006, Ensel Sharon wrote:

> I have gotten no responses of any kind from -hackers or from -fs, or
> privately.
> I am currently trying to reproduce this on a totally different machine, to
> see if I can pin it down as a quota problem or an aac problem or a 2820sa
> problem. My efforts are ametuerish, I'm afraid, and I'd be happy to run any
> kind of tests, etc., for anyone that is better at this than I am.
> In the meantime, if _anyone_ has any insight into my original post in this
> thread (June 23) it would be much appreciated. Especially some details as
> to what the problems with quotas really are and how they are being fixed.


I chatted with Scott a day or two ago, and he told me he believes he has
tracked down a bug in the adaptec device driver under high I/O load, and
thinks it is possible that quotas are triggering slightly higher load
resulting in the bug being exercised. He has a patch, which hopefully he has
now sent to you?

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
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