On Sat, 24 Jun 2006, Robert Watson wrote:

> > After loading, the system frequently (multi-daily) crashed with the error:
> >
> > Warning! Controller is no longer running! code=0xbcef0100
> >
> > (after a page or so of aac0 timeout messages)
> >
> > So I disabled quotas on the system, and it has been completely stable ever
> > since.
> >
> > -----

> The above sounds a lot like a problem with {Adaptect driver, controller,
> disks}, rather than a quota problem. So it might be that there's an I/O load
> change with quotas running that triggers the problem. Alternatively, there's
> a memory corruption bug (or the like) in quotas that corrupts data structures
> for the adaptec driver, but hopefully not. I believe Scott Long follows this
> list, but if you don't hear back in a bit, you might forward that description
> to him and see if he has thoughts. In the past, he's maintained the Adaptec
> drivers, but I'm not sure what his level of involvement with them is at this
> point.

I have gotten no responses of any kind from -hackers or from -fs, or

I am currently trying to reproduce this on a totally different machine, to
see if I can pin it down as a quota problem or an aac problem or a 2820sa
problem. My efforts are ametuerish, I'm afraid, and I'd be happy to run
any kind of tests, etc., for anyone that is better at this than I am.

In the meantime, if _anyone_ has any insight into my original post in this
thread (June 23) it would be much appreciated. Especially some details as
to what the problems with quotas really are and how they are being fixed.


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