On 6/21/06, Eric Anderson wrote:
> Sven Hazejager wrote:
> > I've upgraded my FreeBSD 4.11 to 6.1. Basically, I did a newfs of / and
> > /usr
> > and reinstalled from scratch. That worked.
> >
> > Rebooted in 6.1 single user mode, mounted /, /usr and /usr/home. The

> latter
> > I did not touch and I need to save that partition. /usr/home had all the
> > files it needed to have. PROBLEM: mount said soft-updates were not set

> on
> > /usr/home. So I did umount /usr/home, tunefs -n enable /usr/home, mount
> > /usr/home again... EMPTY!!!!
> >
> > What has gone wrong? I did fsck (in read-only), no problems, rebooted

> the
> > system, did tunefs -n disable, still no luck. I really need those files
> > guys...

> So the fsck passes? Can you send some information like how you upgraded
> (binary, cvs, etc), and possibly some df's from before and after you
> mount the partition?

Found the problem! User error! I edited /etc/fstab on 6.1 manually and made
a typo... instead of /usr/home I was mounting a spare, empty partition that
I did not remember was on the disk... ;-)

Thank you all for reading!

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