--- Sven Hazejager wrote:
> What has gone wrong? I did fsck (in read-only), no problems, rebooted the
> system, did tunefs -n disable, still no luck. I really need those files
> guys...
> Please help urgently.

The technical part: Hmm... I would try to do something palliative:
E. g.:
1. Make a sector-by-sector copy of the device that contains the /usr/home file
system. Then u can experiment without damaging something.

2. Or installing an old backup.

Then you could try fsdb on that copy...
Maybe your data still hides somewhere... ;-))

The psychological part: Oh my! :-) I know that feeling... And that is why, I do
many backups (every 10 minutes an incremental backup from my RAID1 home file
system to a simple file system. And from there to DVD-RW... A full backup to
DVD-RW every 50 days... My history teacher complained for years about his
missing Hitler-LPs and somehow it always felt like he thinks somebody will just
pull them out of his brief case...

I am sorry, that I do not know something more curative... Maybe somebody else
here knows something against that syndrome...
But (experienced) history (teachers) teach(es) us, that backups r a good


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