Sven Hazejager wrote:
> Hi all! [please ignore double-post; haven't received a confirmation
> after 30
> mins]
> I have quite a big problem here....
> I've upgraded my FreeBSD 4.11 to 6.1. Basically, I did a newfs of / and
> /usr
> and reinstalled from scratch. That worked.
> Rebooted in 6.1 single user mode, mounted /, /usr and /usr/home. The latter
> I did not touch and I need to save that partition. /usr/home had all the
> files it needed to have. PROBLEM: mount said soft-updates were not set on
> /usr/home. So I did umount /usr/home, tunefs -n enable /usr/home, mount
> /usr/home again... EMPTY!!!!
> What has gone wrong? I did fsck (in read-only), no problems, rebooted the
> system, did tunefs -n disable, still no luck. I really need those files
> guys...

So the fsck passes? Can you send some information like how you upgraded
(binary, cvs, etc), and possibly some df's from before and after you
mount the partition?


Eric Anderson Sr. Systems Administrator Centaur Technology
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