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On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 10:27:36AM -0500, Jim Rees wrote:
> There are OpenAFS and NFSv4 clients for FreeBSD, but unfortunately neither
> is really production quality. It wouldn't take much to make at least the
> OpenAFS client usable but no one seems to be working on it now.

I may be looking into AFS more for my workplace. If this comes to pass, I
may end up making an effort to get it working on FreeBSD as a hobby during
my spare time.

Some things to look at that I've also been poking at:
* Apparently the newest development (1.3.x) OpenAFS servers will work on
FreeBSD, but the client is not production quality.
* /usr/ports/net/arla implements a client that supposedly works on
FreeBSD, though I have yet to test it.
* OpenAFS is looking for people interested in making their client work on

Hope this helps. I'd like to see FreeBSD get much better AFS and general
clustering/internetworking support. For example, easier to configure LDAP
and Kerberos. Must.. compete.. with.. Active.. Directory...

Sean Kelly | PGP KeyID: D2E5E296
smkelly@FreeBSD.org | http://www.sean-kelly.org/

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