yf-263 wrote:
> Hi, Eric,
> How about the MogileFS (http://www.danga.com/mogilefs/), which served a
> pictures web service at about twenty millions. And all in user level. It
> is also share some same ideas as GoogleFS (http://unix-
> driver.org/books/linux/filesystem/googlefs/p125-ghemawat.pdf).
> And for Sistina's GFS (which sold to Redhat now), its 2.0 version has an
> un-finished FreeBSD porting, which can be downloaded from its ftp server
> (the address is not on my hand now, and I can tell you if you really
> want it).
> Last year I have worked on porting that GFS to Darwin (since it use
> FreeBSD fs codebase), so I'll glad to talk to you about it

Yes, please do send the link!! I couldn't find it in my meager googling. Do you have any insight as to when a 'real' FreeBSD port of GFS will be around?


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