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Eric Anderson wrote:
> Florent Thoumie wrote:
>> I don't know if DRBD [1] is a good implementation (Linux only),
>> but it
>> works flawlessly, replication is fast (i got ~35MB/s) and it's quite
>> simple to get it working.
>> ENBD [2] isn't based on the same concept, it "exports" block devices
>> through network via userland application, though it needs a kernel
>> module for client side.
>> I'd like something like DRBD exists for FreeBSD but I'm not aware of
>> such an implementation.
>> [1]
>> [2]

> GEOM Gate does a part of this. I thing using vinum+geom gate you could
> get a similar setup.
> However, this isn't exactly what I want - I don't need a 'mirror', I
> need a cluster of active machines serving the same disk data.

Ok, good to know, thanks for pointing this.

> For what it's worth, there is an nbd port:
> net/nbd-server

I think that's not really the good thing to do, and FreeBSD doesn't
have support for nbd-client, so I may just forget it

-- flz

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