In the last episode (Mar 11), Florent Thoumie said:
> Adam Maloney wrote:
> >On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Eric Anderson wrote:
> >>Speaking of filesytems , I have a real need for a global filesystem
> >>(or

> >
> >"me too"

> I don't know if DRBD [1] is a good implementation (Linux only),
> but it works flawlessly, replication is fast (i got ~35MB/s)
> and it's quite simple to get it working.
> ENBD [2] isn't based on the same concept, it "exports" block
> devices through network via userland application, though it
> needs a kernel module for client side.
> I'd like something like DRBD exists for FreeBSD but I'm not aware of
> such an implementation.

You want geom_gate. See the ggatec, ggated, and ggatel manpages. Note
that none of the packages mentioned so far will give you a cluster
filesystem; they are just a cheaper way of sharing block devices than a
Fibre Channel SAN.

Dan Nelson
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