On 2 Dec, Ken Marx wrote:
> Don Lewis wrote:

>> I went ahead and spun a new version of my patch with the new multiplier,
>> one other tweak to the formula, and updated comments.

> Hi, Sorry for the delay. Tested, then realized a stupid mistake,
> started over, panic'd the box, and finally tested. Panic was
> a bit unsettling. Happened when I tried to call my dump routine
> from the debugger. Might have been a typo for all I know(!?) -
> was doing quickly to keep benchmark script from bailing due to
> "Profiling timer expired" killing my timer. (That's another kettle
> of wax, I guess.)
> Other than that, the newer hashkey stuff does seem to improve
> the shallowness of the table. Below are some samples while doing
> the 1.4gb untar commands on 98% and 99%+ full disk. Again,
> running w/ 75% avgbfree, avgifree so as to hit the table harder.

It looks good enough to me. I just committed it.
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