> I'm just curious about this.
> in /usr/src/sbin/newfs/mkfs.c, have you tried
> commenting out the if block around line 438 ?
> * Wipe out old UFS1 superblock(s) if necessary.
> */
> if (!Nflag && Oflag != 1) {
> i = bread(&disk, SBLOCK_UFS1 / disk.d_bsize, chdummy, SBLOCKSIZE);
> if (i == -1)
> err(1, "can't read old UFS1 superblock: %s", disk.d_error);
> ..... (continues)
> I have zero knowledge of this code, but I'm still curious if it'd work =).

Actually that's something I already tried, If i take it out it fails
with something like "disk write error: invalid arguement" similar to the
ccdconfig It seems any call to bwrite fails when the drive is
larger than 1TB. (which is why -N seems to work with no issues, calls
wtfs which doesnt call bwrite when the Nflag is set)

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