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On Wed, Sep 10, 2003 at 11:33:01AM -0700, Shawn Ostapuk wrote:

> I used to use vinum (and still would like to), i hit the terabyte limit
> with UFS and was told i would have to upgrade to 5.1 in order to take
> advantage of UFS2 and > 1TB filesystem -- so thats what i've done.
> However I still seem to have the exactly same problems. I'm now trying
> it on a whole new box and set of drives with the same set of problems.
> It doesn't matter if i use vinum or ccdconfig -- they all work fine and
> predictably, until I make it larger than a terabyte then i get the=20
> following on freebsd 5.1 RELEASE:

Try 5.1-CURRENT (if you dare, or wait until 5.2-REL) - there were
changes in this area recently.


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