On +Aug 24, Chris Dillon wrote:
> If this is a SCSI array, and I assume it is, make sure your
> termination is correct. After troubleshooting somebody's white-box
> 10-drive external array when it would consistently drop disks and new
> replacements would again "drop dead" a few days to weeks later, I
> noticed the vendor didn't properly terminate either of the two LVD
> busses. I was totally surprised that it worked at all with a
> half-terminated bus, but I guess LVD is relatively forgiving compared
> to SE busses when it comes to termination. Once a terminator was put
> on the end of each bus (the RAID controller was already terminating
> the other end), a drive hasn't dropped out in several months.

Aye, it's hot swap LVD scsi on an internally terminated backplane.
Ot the two drives that dropped, one will no longer spin up and
the other has a massive media error right in the middle of the

Tony Holmes

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