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On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 10:57:36AM -0700, David Schultz wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 19, 2003, Bruce Evans wrote:
> > I've got the feeling that the default is sometimes (and more often than=

> > used to be) freebsd-list-that-I'm-not-on. Ports PRs always went to som=

> > that I didn't see. I rather liked this.

> I think some categories of bugs get sent to
> {fs,security,standards,$arch}@. If you want
> to see the bugs for a particular category, I
> guess you have to be interested enough to
> subscribe to the corresponding list.

fs and security don't get PRs by default...some PRs are reassigned to
the mailing lists because it targets the class of developers who might
be interested in investigating the problem.

The default PR destination is determined based on the category of the
PR. Here is the current configuration

pending: Misfiled PRs : gnats-admin : freebsd-bugbusters@freebsd.org
# Other categories
advocacy: Advocacy : freebsd-advocacy :
alpha: Architecture (alpha) specific : freebsd-alpha :
amd64: Architecture (amd64) specific : freebsd-amd64 :
bin: All other sources : freebsd-bugs :
conf: Configuration files : freebsd-bugs :
docs: Documentation : freebsd-doc :
gnu: GNU sources : freebsd-bugs :
i386: Architecture (i386) specific : freebsd-i386 :
ia64: Architecture (ia64) specific : freebsd-ia64 :
java: Java support : freebsd-java :
junk: Wastebin : gnats-admin :
kern: Kernel sources : freebsd-bugs :
misc: Miscellaneous : freebsd-bugs :
ports: The ports collection : freebsd-ports-bugs :
powerpc: Architecture (powerpc) specific : freebsd-ppc :
sparc64: Architecture (sparc) specific : freebsd-sparc64 :
standards: Standards conformance issues : freebsd-standards :
www: FreeBSD website : freebsd-www :

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