On Dec 2, 2007 6:30 AM, Kostik Belousov wrote:
> Yes, I have the similar program to. I asked somewhat different question.
> sbcl has the following code in the src/runtime/bsd-os.c:
> /* Memory fault signal on FreeBSD was changed from SIGBUS to
> * SIGSEGV. */
> if (getosreldate() < 700004)
> sig_memory_fault = SIGBUS;
> else
> sig_memory_fault = SIGSEGV;
> It shall broke in the way similar to the CMUCL, after I commit the patch
> to CURRENT/RELENG_7, regardless of whether I MFC crtbrand.c fix to RELENG_6.
> This is why the machdep sysctls for i386/amd64 are introduced.
> Are you satisfied with this ? I, even after help from Kris Kennaway,
> still unable to provide the solution that does not broke something, at
> least without manual intervention (aka sysctl).

Yes, I am still satisfied with your previous patch. Workarounds such
as the one above solve the problem of making source code that one is
at liberty to change compatible with both FreeBSD <=6 and FreeBSD 7.
The problem I am trying to solve is how to keep binaries compatible.

Since FreeBSD 7 has not been formally released, I believe the impact
of your patch will not be significant. There is still plenty time to
change applications that implemented a workaround for an unreleased
version of FreeBSD. Changing old binaries is impossible.
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