Travis Mikalson wrote:
> Ian FREISLICH wrote:
> > I have two systems that I think are HT1000/HT2100 based. They
> > booted and installed 7-BETA1.5 (amd64) and happily build RELENG7
> > about 3 weeks ago. They don't have any PCI/PCI-X slots. PCI-E
> > works fine. I used the onboard ATA DVD-ROM drive to install and
> > the drive still works:
> > ....
> > Disks are connected to a PCI-E LSI Megaraid so I can't verify the
> > onboard SATA. pciconf -lv later.
> >
> > The only other quirk is the one set of USB ports on the front panel
> > work if I have a keyboard plugged in at boot time, but stops working
> > if I unplug the keyboard and plug it back in again. The front panel
> > monitor connection also doesn't work after a headless boot. Anly
> > the rear monitor and USB ports work properly after a boot.

> My motherboard is PCI-X rather than PCI Express, though...
> It could be real handy if you could verify that there's no problem with
> your onboard SATA in standard SATA (non-legacy) mode, if that box
> happens to be near you

It's owned by a client of mine in their datacenter. They might be
buying more of the same in the next few months or I might be able
to schedule some testing at some time in the future. (They know
they owe FreeBSD a huge amount - it's saved them buying several


Ian Freislich

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