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On 11/15/2007 23:35, Kevin Oberman wrote:
>> Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 22:08:13 -0600
>> From: Eric Schuele
>> Sender:
>> Hello,
>> I'm having some strangeness with respect to my atheros based card on
>> releng_7. This may not sound like much... but together they concern m=

>> I'm wondering if anyone has seen similar things.
>> 1) I've seen two panics while trying to bring the interface up over
>> the last few weeks.

> I have not seen this.
>> 2) I get disconnected every night from my wireless router at home.
>> 99% of the time it happens after I've gone to bed. Once or twice...
>> while I was sitting in front of it. It just disassociates?

> Try 'ifconfig ath0 -bgscan'. Something causes my card to lose
> association periodically when the background scan is in progress.

Are you saying try the above *after* I've been disconnected? Or is it
an attempt to reproduce the disconnect?

>> 3) When I am at the office, my card will *never* obtain an ip addre=

>> from our DHCP server upon first booting. I must *always* down the
>> interface, kill dhclient, bring the interface up and start dhclient.

> Are you running wpa_supplicant? Are you using WPA,=20

Yes, see below on my original post.

> WEP or running open?
> I see the card get "stuck" when scanning. It scans channels, but only
> for WPA secured APs. When needing to associate with a WEP or open AP, i=

> never leaves WPA mode, so never associates.

Hmm... yes, I 've noticed it doing this. Going around in circles
through all the channels in WPA mode. odd. Any other work around other
than bouncing the interface?

> I am also running BETA2 on a 5212 card in a T43 ThinkPad.


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