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> Can somebody who has done MySQL benchmarks (e.g. Kris Kennaway, but I
> don't want to point fingers ) try them when MySQL is hosted on ZFS?
> I'm currently having a problem where mysqld gets stuck in "zfs" state
> and it becomes completely unusable and unkillable. The machine generally
> works, but cannot be rebooted from the OS in this case (it must be
> manually power-cycled).

I had an unkillable MySQLd a while ago that required reboot (pre-RELENG_7=20
CURRENT). It was in uninterruptable sleep, but I can't swear to whether it=
was in zfs state. This was on a quadcore core 2 duo.

I can do some sysbenching on a dual core machine with and without ZFS, but =
sounds like that won't be more useful than what you already have available.

/ Peter Schuller

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