Julian Elischer writes:
| Jack Vogel wrote:
| > On Nov 14, 2007 5:01 PM, Wilkinson, Alex
| > wrote:
| >> Hi all,
| >>
| >> Curious, is I/OAT [http://www.intel.com/go/ioat/] coming to FreeBSD soon
| >> ?
| >
| > LOL, I did a driver for the first version of I/OAT more than a year
| > ago, submitted
| > it and interest was half hearted.
| >
| > The driver needs updating and polishing yet, but interest being what it was
| > it hasn't been a real high priority.
| I saw what I thought you called a "preliminary" driver.
| There was discussion and I thought you got positive but
| muted (along the lines of "nice.. when will there be hardware for it?")
| and some discussion of how it fits in with TCP offload, but I don't think
| that anyone said they didn't like the idea..

FWIW, several of us should have motherboards that support it now.
For example the Dell PE29XX/PE1950 line now has support if you upgrade
old machines to a newer BIOS and then turn it on in the BIOS setup.
I'm not sure what em(4) cards support it. So I think hardware should
be available now. At the time the PE29XX family BIOS did not support it :-(

Doug A.
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