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On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 12:39 +0000, Robert Watson wrote:
> > or Solaris NFS clients. Basically, Timo (cc'ed) came up with a small te=

> > case that seems to indicate sometimes a link() call can succeed while t=

> > link count of the file will not increase. If this is ran on two FreeBS=

> > clients from the same NFS directory, you will occasionally see "link()=20
> > succeeded, but link count=3D1". I've tried both a Netapp and a FreeBSD=

> My guess, and this is just a hand-wave, is that the attribute cache in th=

e NFS=20
> client isn't being forced to refresh, and hence you're getting the old st=

> data back (and perhaps there's no GETATTR on the wire, which might hint a=

> this). If you'd like, you can post a link to the pcap capture file and o=

ne of=20
> us can take a look, but I've found NFS RPCs to be surprisingly readable i=

> Wireshark so you might find it sheds quite a bit of light.

Actually the point was that link() returns success even though in
reality it fails. The fstat() was just a workaround to catch this case
and treat link count 1 as if link() had failed with EEXIST. After that I
had no more problems with locking.

I noticed this first because my dotlocking was failing to lock files
properly. I also added fchown() to flush attribute cache after link()
and before fstat(), it gives the same link count=3D1 reply.

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