Sean C. Farley wrote:
> Some people are having issues with SATA/300 drives being report (or
> utilized) at SATA/150. I see that with my work computer. Personally,
> the timeouts that result in errors are my main concern. Here is a
> link[1] to my report.

OK, the situation where drives are found at SATA150 while drive and=20
controller both support SATA300 can have lots of reasons.
If ATA states it has '300 support and the drive supports it as well=20
(note at least some early IBM/Hitachi drives was '300 but the firmware=20
set to '150 and needed a vendor supplied util to up it to '300) it=20
should work. However all kinds of interaction problems can make them=20
agree on the lower '150 speed, and ATA does not try to force anything=20
here, it just asks the drive/controller to connect at the highest speed=20
As long as I dont support portmulitpliers the speed is not really an=20
issue, no drive (so far) on this planet can outrun even the SATA150=20

On the ATAPI timeouts there not much to say, SATA ATAPI HW sucks jut as=20
much as ATAPI HW did it seems, the only way is to try and get it working =

on as many as possible at the same time. That however means that someone =

(usually me, you wont belive the ATAPI drive collection I've got here=20
already) needs to have all the drives available and time plus motivation =

and needed skills to poke around to get it working. At least all the=20
controllers I have here in the lab and the two SATA ATAPI drives in same =

work flawlessly...

Sad but true.

> Thank you for looking into these issues.

NP! I try to get things fixed, but time has been limited lately...


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