Jeremy Chadwick wrote:

> Well, I *WAS* in the middle of about a 100 line Email, when our primary
> production RELENG_6 box kernel panic'd. What's really upsetting me is
> that the dump was written to swap, but savecore claims it couldn't find
> any panics.
> Uptime: 133d3h3m31s <-- not too bad.

...I've seen around 700 days with 4.8 on 450 MHz K6 before the single IBM
Deskstar lunched its 5+ y.o. self a bit too badly to carry on.

In either case, it mostly means we've gotten overly casual about updating and
upgrading, though..

> Back to writing the mail from scratch...

Bet it will be half the size now.

D'ya suppose kernels are becoming sentient?

Lord knows enough love has been lavished on 'em..



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