Thomas David Rivers wrote:
> Just wanted to report some of my results with installing
> the BETA1.5 CDs.... with a CD-ONLY install.
> This is on an Intel quad-core with 2G of memory, and 300G SATA
> drive and older ATAPI DVD drive (Intel DG33BU motherboard.)
> First; after you partition & label and choose your distributions;
> it's time to remove the "BOOTONLY" CD and place DISC1 in the
> drive. There's nothing that tells you this.. if you don't
> do this, then the process merrily fails at trying to install
> everything.. twice over. After that, you have an opportunity
> to try and install again, putting DISC1 in the drive. I'd
> suggest a little box saying "remove the BOOTONLY CD, insert DISC1
> and press OK" when it's time to start installing the distributions.

Umm bootonly, exactly what it says. Read section 2.13.1 of
for an explanation of what each disk contain/can be used for. If you
want to install from CD just use the install disks not the bootonly.

> Second - if you choose the X11 packages in the distributions;
> they don't work. The install process complains that it
> can't find packages/INDEX on either DISC1 or DISK2. I'm not
> sure how to get the X11 packages installed from a CD-only install.

Sorry not sure. I tend to install any packages from ftp or just compile
from ports.

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