>There seem to also be certain 'proprietary' (I hope...) issues with
>that MB
>BIOS. We had tested combinations of BIOS settings extensively, using
>PATA HDD, PATA <==> SATA converters, and SATA HDD - even an aged IDE >Zip.

I haven't noticed any MB issues at all. My BIOS has been updated to the
latest "F5" build, and in AHCI mode, the JMB363 detects IDE devices and
my SATA DVD drive (as ODD0 or something like that) in the BIOS startup
Should I set the JMB to IDE mode, this BIOS screen doesn't appear, but
IDE works anyway as it should. Still no SATA DVD drive love....

AFAIK, given what I am seeing, the drive isn't detected because of a
FreeBSD issue - as it seems to be clearly detected in the AHCI BIOS at
least. If SATA ATAPI support is added in CURRENT, then I'll wait until
the modifications trickle into RELENG_7, which is what my system is
currently on.

Will do another "make build*" in 6 hours and try again.

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