My apologies to everyone on this issue. The IDE socket of the JMB363
works (I've been using it for while now with CF cards) - it's just that
the SATA ATAPI features of the chipset apparently aren't supported yet.
I did an update after Soren's latest ata patches, and I noticed that
there's a warning message about the chipset's lack of SATA ATAPI support
in dmesg just after the chipset is detected.
Allow me to feel stupid for a minute, for not seeing this earlier.

I am not sure if SATA hard drives now work in IDE mode on this chipset
yet. All I know is that my SATA DVD combo drive doesn't work in it no
matter what mode the chipset is in (IDE or AHCI).

So now my question now is - will the JMB363 SATA ports get any SATA
ATAPI support before RELEASE?

In the meantime, I'll plug my DVD drive into my Promise card - and while
I'm at it, I'll test to see if the Promise cards are working again.

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