Just wanted to report some of my results with installing
the BETA1.5 CDs.... with a CD-ONLY install.

This is on an Intel quad-core with 2G of memory, and 300G SATA
drive and older ATAPI DVD drive (Intel DG33BU motherboard.)

First; after you partition & label and choose your distributions;
it's time to remove the "BOOTONLY" CD and place DISC1 in the
drive. There's nothing that tells you this.. if you don't
do this, then the process merrily fails at trying to install
everything.. twice over. After that, you have an opportunity
to try and install again, putting DISC1 in the drive. I'd
suggest a little box saying "remove the BOOTONLY CD, insert DISC1
and press OK" when it's time to start installing the distributions.

Second - if you choose the X11 packages in the distributions;
they don't work. The install process complains that it
can't find packages/INDEX on either DISC1 or DISK2. I'm not
sure how to get the X11 packages installed from a CD-only install.

- Dave Rivers -

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