Andrey V. Elsukov wrote:
> Nathan Butcher wrote:
>> I have a Gigabyte GA-G33-DS3R. FreeBSD 7.0-BETA1 detects the chipset,
>> but no devices attached to the SATA controllers find their relative /dev
>> entries. My SATA DVD-combo drive simply doesn't get /dev/acd0, and as a
>> result I cannot access the drive. I've tried hard drives too, with the
>> same results.

> You can update your BETA1 to the fresh RELENG_7. Soren have fixed this
> issue. Also, ATAPI support was added to the AHCI driver (only for
> CURRENT yet).
>> The IDE interface seems to work for me (I have an IDE -> CF converter in
>> there), but I don't have a PATA optical drive to test.


There seem to also be certain 'proprietary' (I hope...) issues with that MB
BIOS. We had tested combinations of BIOS settings extensively, using PATA CDR,
PATA HDD, PATA <==> SATA converters, and SATA HDD - even an aged IDE Zip.

To cut to the chase -

When finished, we attached 2 SATA drives (only), wherein they appeared as
/dev/ad10 and /dev/ad12, despite using the lower-numbered silkscreened-labeled
SATA ports.

Further tuning had us move from all IDE/ legacy BIOS settings to attempt AHCI
enabling after a recent csup & makebuild*

Nothing to do with FreeBSD - as we were unable to get out of the BIOS POST
OR into 'setup'. Board hung-forever in the part where it tries to detect drives.

BUT - after a screwdriver-blade CMOS clear, then BIOS reset to the *same*
conservative/legacy settings as used with ad10 / ad12

...what had been ad10 and ad12 appeared as ad0 and ad2

And gmirror complaineth not (thanks, PHK, PJD and others!)

Bottom Line: BIOS is 'suboptimal', to put it kindly, and a CMOS reset is
worthwhile before going further.


Bill Hacker

> For Vladimir:
> here is a description for your issue (russian)

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