in a freebsd 1.0 chroot on a freebsd 8.0 system on a 3 year old
(i.e not the fastest) system.

cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf; config GENERICAH; cd ../../compile/GENERICAH; make depend all


loading 386bsd
rearranging symbols
text data bss dec hex
458752 16384 139504 614640 960f0
5.8u 3.9s 0:09.71 101.1% 617+625k 0+23io 0pf+0w

yep folks.. that's 9.7 seconds from go to whoa.
and of course that was only using 1 cpu..
hmm did make have -j in those days?
(tries it and sees no change so apparently not).

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