On Sunday 28 October 2007 07:08:13 pm Robert Backhaus wrote:
> Any chance of extending this to the USB bus? The problem of 'wandering
> ugen' and 'wandering ulpt' devices has been bothering me for a while
> now.
> It would also help if it could be used to tell more specific drivers
> to leave a device for ugen - for instance, HP USB printers are best
> addressed by ugen, and the user mode drivers take it from there. You
> loose functionality if you have to talk through the ulpt drivers.

You could easily extend it to USB if you can come up with a reasonable
way to specify the wiring. You could possibly wire units via hints
that specify serial numbers or manfacturer and model strings, etc.
However, I'm less familiar with USB so I'm less unsure what specific
attributes would be suitable for wiring or not.

As far as the second problem, that is not a unit wiring issue per-se.
I think uhid(4) currently has a blacklist of devices it ignores (like
some APC UPS devices that apcupsd wants to be ugen0 rather than uhid0).
You could port that support over to ulpt(4) and add a blacklist to it

John Baldwin
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