Michal Varga wrote:
> Sorry to start with a new thread, but nobody CC:ed me as I said before,
> so I didn't have anything to reply to -
>> (please CC: me for reply, I'm subscribed with a different email that is
>> down for maintenance for a few days and didn't want to subscribe again)

> Fixed now, I resubscribed with this email address.
> So to the point:
>> Option the USB mouse support OFF in the BIOS.
>> Otherwise, though detected, it is *ALSO* presumed to be 'in use', since the
>> BIOS deosn't just 'enable' it - it actually starts it, and before the OS
>> boots.

> Bill, this doesn't change anything, it was one of the first things I
> tried to do, along with disabling USB2.0 support in bios, etc. But you
> are right, this option is there, except that I can see no difference
> with either enabled or disabled.

Try these in separate login shells:

tail -f /var/log/messages

- you will be looking for the message announceing ums & usb load

ls /dev/u* before unplugging, Again after re-plugging

- you are looking for /dev/um0 and at least one /dev/usb(n) changing.

>> Michal Varga: Do you have USB in the kernel or are you loading the USB
>> modules ?

> I start USB from /boot/loader.conf
> usb_load="YES"
> ugen_load="YES"
> uhid_load="YES"
> umass_load="YES"
> ukbd_load="YES"
> ums_load="YES"
> ucom_load="YES"
> uftdi_load="YES"
> And usbd_enable="YES" in rc.conf. Verbose boot doesn't show anything
> interesting:

AFAIK, um0 and usb(n) will load by default.

IMBW, but an entry in /etc/rc.conf or /boot/loader.conf would only be needed to
force them to NOT load.

...which you might just try, as that 'mad mouse' I experienced was a possiblw
indication of two drivers competing.

> [...]
> ioapic0: routing intpin 7 (ISA IRQ 7) to vector 59
> ppc0: [GIANT-LOCKED]
> ppc0: [ITHREAD]
> sio0 failed to probe at port 0x3f8 irq 4 on isa0
> sio1 failed to probe at port 0x2f8 irq 3 on isa0
> sio2: not probed (disabled)
> sio3: not probed (disabled)
> sn0: not probed (disabled)
> vt0: not probed (disabled)
> isa_probe_children: probing PnP devices
> uhub0: device problem (TIMEOUT), disabling port 2
> Device configuration finished.
> Then, after replugging the mouse, everything works fine:
> ums0: on
> uhub1
> ums0: 7 buttons and Z dir.
> Is there any other, e.g. some loader.conf tunable, that can show me why
> usb decided to fail? I've had a Windows drive connected for

Only diff here was a whole slew of USB stuff was ID'ed w/o error - including the
mouse. Yours show only the one uhub0, and that one disabling port 2.
Unless you trimmed the output for htis message, that's odd.

FWIW - I had left BIOS USB ON, but USB mouse (only) OFF.

a while and
> it doesn't show these symptoms, even better - after I rebooted from
> Windows 2000 to FreeBSD, the mouse was detected correctly right during
> the boot, no replug needed (though I did this only once so it may or may
> not be replicable). Any ideas, what I should try next to possibly
> resolve this?

Try a hard-wired, (i.e. not wireless), and mechanical, not optical mouse.

Some optical meese shut themselves OFF part of the time - even if not
battery-powered. Laser life issue? Dunno..

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