On Saturday 13 October 2007, W B Hacker wrote:
> Michal Varga wrote:
> > Yesterday I bought an AMD690-based motherboard for a 7-current desktop -
> >
> > http://www.gigabyte.us/Products/Moth...spx?ClassValue
> >=Motherboard&ProductID=2437&ProductName=GA-MA69VM-S2

> *Snip*
> > USB:
> > Second issue is with USB, the initialization fails every time when there
> > is mouse plugged in prior to FreeBSD boot (but not if the mouse is
> > plugged later).

> Similar. ASUS P5K, GigaByte G33-DS3R.
> Option the USB mouse support OFF in the BIOS.
> Otherwise, though detected, it is *ALSO* presumed to be 'in use', since the
> BIOS deosn't just 'enable' it - it actually starts it, and before the OS
> boots.
> If NOT claimed by the BIOS, FreeBSD will find and use it from the defaults
> in /etc/rc. No need to even bother with an /etc/rc.conf entry.
> Xorg (if you use it) will generally be au fait with that, even with the
> mouse active in a CLI session before you startx or a wm.
> The OS it doing as it should do here - honoring the pre-existing resource
> claim.

Are you sure about that?

I thought that the FreeBSD USB HC drivers always took away control from the
BIOS when the USB drivers where loaded.

Michal Varga: Do you have USB in the kernel or are you loading the USB
modules ?

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