Quoting Andrew Pantyukhin (from Mon, 5 Nov =20
2007 23:46:47 +0300):

> On Sat, Nov 03, 2007 at 10:18:44PM +0100, Pav Lucistnik wrote:
>> Andrew Pantyukhin p=C3=AD=C5=A1e v ne 04. 11. 2007 v 00:06 +0300:

> <...>
>> > Also, I can't update these ports at the moment:
>> > =09linux-firefox-devel
>> > =09linux-seamonkey-devel
>> > =09linux-flock
>> > since they depend on libpangocairo, which is not available in fc4
>> > linux environment right now. Firefox and seamonkey are affected
>> > by several hairy advisories, apparently so is flock. I'd like to
>> > mark them forbidden until I come up with a solution, which may
>> > not happen before the freeze is over.

>> Approved.

> It turned out gstreamer/freedesktop guys distribute an updated
> version of pango and cairo for fc4. I tested popular linux ports
> that depend on linux-pango (acroread, sunbird, thunderbird,
> firefox, nvu, nero, realplayer, flock, seamonkey, mplayerplugin)
> and they all worked without any trouble with the new version.

Do they also have more recent versions of freetype and fontconfig (I'm =20
a little bit short on time ATM, so I haven't looked myself, sorry)?

> The only real reason to do this during a freeze is that
> firefox-/seamonkey-devel and flock cannot be updated otherwise,
> and they are affected by several security advisories. But none of
> them are very popular ports, so if you think that marking them
> forbidden is better, I'll have no objection.
> Here's the diffs:
> http://heka.cenkes.org/sat/diffs/linux-pango.cairo.diff

ux-glib2 =20
ntconfig =20
+=09=09linux-cairo>=3D0:${PORTSDIR}/graphics/linux-cairo \

I don't think this will work well, please use the complete path like =20
with the other parts of RUN_DEPENDS.

> http://heka.cenkes.org/sat/diffs/linux-cairo.diff

Please use the same style in RUN_DEPENDS here too. They reside in =20
LINUXBASE, and nearly nothing of our ports infrastrucuture looks into =20

Apart from that I can not see any obvious problem.


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