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> Hi guys,
> I'm looking for a suitable operating system to setup a scalable visual
> effects pipeline on...freeBSD is a candidate, but I need to know if it will
> run the tools we use. Thus:
> - Has anyone run Maya (the visual effects software) on freeBSD? Maya runs on
> win/mac/irix/linux. Though there is no 'official' release for freeBSD...has
> anyone successfully used it?
> - Along similar lines, has anyone run Houdini (also, some visual effects
> software) on freeBSD?
> Any help with this would be much appreciated.
> -Modulok-

I want to add: if someone tried but if failed, we're interested in the
failure reasons over there in emulation@. If it is because of missing
support in the kernel, we may be able to get it working around the end
of the summer, but we need to know how it fails.


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