Quoting Mark Linimon (from Wed, 28 Jun 2006 =20
18:16:55 -0500):

> Now that that port is marked DEPRECATED (and also has an install error on
> pointyhat), some of the following are failing to package. (I am working
> through the list of port that failed to package on the last i386-6 run).
> Can people take a look at these and see if they can be updated to versions
> that work with the -fc4 port?
> Thanks,
> mcl
> /devel/linux_devtools=09=09=09=09freebsd-emulation

I want to deprecate this one, it's already on my list. I just have to =20
get time...

Interested parties can use one of the "new" linux_dist-gentoo ports =20
for a development environment.

> /devel/linux_kdump=09=09=09=09=09marcel

Ugh... we need to have a look at this.

> /emulators/linux-ePSXe=09=09=09=09jylefort
> /games/linux-goodway=09=09=09=09jylefort
> /games/linux-x-plane=09=09=09=09jylefort
> /games/linux-x-plane-net-installer=09jylefort

I haven't looked at them yet, but I assume they are broken because =20
they depend upon linux-libgcc. It's included in the FCx ports, so =20
removing the dependency should fix them. I will try to look at it in =20
the evening.

> /korean/linux_locale=09=09=09=09cjh
> /lang/linux-libgcc=09=09=09=09=09jylefort

I think those can be marked as DEPRECATED too.


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