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Alexander Leidinger wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 14:55:20 -0500 (EST)
> Trevor Johnson wrote:
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> > Stijn Hoop wrote:
> >
> > > OK, good question. I misunderstood your commit message and thought
> > > that anyone who had installed emulators/linux_base-* would also have
> > > enabled linux compatability; so that print/acroread/Makefile was
> > > missing something along the lines of USE_LINUX=yes. Having read the
> > > diffs, it appears there's not much more you can do.

> >
> > Since bsd.port.mk 1.505, USE_LINUX adds a dependency on a particular
> > linux_base port and setting it to "yes" selects the Red Hat 8 one. It
> > isn't necessary here because acroread depends upon other Linux ports.

> acroread depends upon the linux libc, libm and some other libs from the
> linux base. So a dependency is clearly not wrong. Since we add direct
> dependencies to the ports also to be able to determine those ports which
> may need a rebuild on some major changes, acroread needs to have an
> USE_LINUX entry.
> I've noticed that you removed some USE_LINUX=yes lines from some linux
> ports with the commit log "Respect the user's USE_LINUX setting." This
> is the wrong fix for your/our needs. Using USE_LINUX?=yes looks more
> correct to me. I try to test this later in the evening.

I'm runnig out of time and I need some sleep. I've put the list of
affected ports here:

Following is the header of the file, it should contain enough
information to let a committer work on this issue. I'm reachable via
mail and will also have enough time to answer technical questions, but
I can't work on this myself in the following week.

The following list contains ports which need to be reviewed regarding
the USE_LINUX?=yes issue. USE_LINUX should be overridable by either "env
USE_LINUX=foobar make" or "make USE_LINUX=foobar". If USE_LINUX isn't
overrided, it should contain the value "yes". The commit which
introduced the bug had the commit log "Respect the user's USE_LINUX
setting." which described the intention, but the change of this commit
can be better described as "Remove dependency to the default linux
base.". If the above mentioned feature isn't possible without a major
change in the actual infrastructure, the original behavior should be
restored to get the Ports Collection into good shape for 5.4-Release.

The commit of the bugfix should also remove the RUN_DEPENDS line joerg
had inserted to fix the acroread7 build on a virgin system (it's a
suitable workaround if you don't know how our actual linuxolator is
installed; thanks to joerg for pointing out this commit to me after a
short discussion about the USE_LINUX stuff in acroread7).


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