I have qemu-0.6.2s.20050305 running on 5.3-RELEASE-p5 but when im trying
to install XP SP2 it hangs while it was copying necessary files for
setup. Next attempt was XP SP1. It was installed sucessfully but
after M$ XP logo it reboot somehow.
I saw warnings on qemu homepage but I suppose someone could run XP on it?

:When running Windows 2000 Pro inside QEMU, applying Service Pack 4 fails
:with a generic error. I tried installing from the web and downloading
:the file locally. I also tried SP3, which rendered my Win2000
:virtual-machine un-bootable (well it booted, but Windows wouldn't
:load). I googled around the web, and this problem seemed to exist about
:a year ago, but I didn't see any fixes for it. I'm using FreeBSD
:Anyone succeed in applying SP4 to a Win2k Pro machine in QEMU?
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