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Julian Elischer wrote:

> >>Is there a way to install both simultaneous (and set up some sort
> >>of mapping or such, to enable different app to use different base)?
> >>
> >>

> >
> >No, this isn't possible (except you provide patches fot the kernel which
> >makes this possible ;-) ). And installing both bases into the same directory
> >isn't a good idea either, they share some files in different versions.
> >
> >

> this is not entirely true..
> As shared libraries are versionned, one can make sure that the libraries
> needed by programs that want older versions are satisfied in their library
> requests by installing older versions of the linux emulation first and
> working forward
> towards the latest one.

The linux_base ports not only contain libs. And stale files still
available may lead to strange effects. Everyone is free to do what he
wants off course, but my personal advise is to carefully evaluate what
you do.

> It may be worth making an linux-old-libs port that effectively contains
> just the older revisions
> of libraries so that programs that require them can still run.

I think such a port will be flagged as FORBITTEN very fast...


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