Hi all :

I have a system (goverment type one) running SCO UNIX on an old system
without RAID and so, and I would like to port it to FreeBSD 5.3, in order
to take all its advantages.

My question are:
- Is FreeBSD 5.3 well tested in order to emulate SCO UNIX?
- This system uses a database from Progress Software Corp. v. 8.3, has
anyone used/ported it under FreeBSD ? it is safe?
- If I port to FreeBSD, the tree structure is the same than SCO? may I
have problems or can I solve them?

I have no problems (I think) with the users, because they use a W2K
application to access the database in the server. My question basically
are for the server.

If anyone has anything more that can help to me, please... ;-)

Thanks in advance

Juan Coruņa
Desarrollo de Software Atlantico

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