Hello all,

I spent a good portion of my night tracking down the syscall(s) causing
the Linux binary version of Cedega to crash with "Bad system call". With
help, I managed to track down the first system call causing the crash.

One of the Cedega devs. (peteH) helped me hack onto our existing Linux
ABI compatibility layer and add code to return ENOSYS for the following
system calls:


I am unsure why this isn't default behavior (return ENOSYS for syscalls
we haven't implemented). I can post a howto later if requested, though a
more permanent/non-hack solution should probably be done

Anyway, I managed to get Cedega (the commercial version) to run Max
Payne at full speed (without sound). There are still problems with it,
and the two installers I tried to use with it (GTA3 and Diablo 2) both
crashed Cedega. I'm hoping that with more work/support that we might be
able to get these issues resolved, unless someone manages to get the
native version working instead.

I'm running FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE and have the latest official nvidia
drivers installed (nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440).

The version of Cedega I've been playing around with is version 4.1-1,
and it IS commercial (you must pay for it).

That's about it.

I really should sleep now. :-)

-Travis Poppe
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