In the last episode (Jun 06), Jake Scott said:
> I'm trying to get the Linux version of Veritas NetBackup 5.0 working
> on FreeBSD. It mainly works, but after performing one backup, then
> fails to perform any others.
> I've narrowed this down to a problem with "bpsched" interaction with
> the OS. When it starts up, it creates seveal message queues which it
> normally removes when it exits. Under the Linux emulation in
> FreeBSD, these message queues are not removed. So - when it starts
> up again, it is unable to re-create them.

[going back to the top of the thread, so we can get this output:]

> There are a *lot* of these messasges in the system log:
> linux: pid 2763 (bpsched): ioctl fd=5, cmd=0x8954 ('\M^I',84) is not implemented

This looks like it:

#define SIOCGARP 0x8954 /* get ARP table entry */

, which is not currently handled in linux_ioctl.c. No idea why
NetBackup thinks it needs to get at the arp table.

> When starting up after the first time, the NetBackup bpsched log says:
> <32> main_bpsched: error creating req message queue: 17

17 is EEXIST. It could be differences between Linux and FreeBSD's
implementation of the msgget() function. One thing to do would be to
see if the queues hang around after a backup on a Linux box. On all of
my idle media servers, there is just a single queue:

q 2816 0x4c544952 -Rrw-rw-rw- root other root other 0 0 65536 3112 3079 13:55:40 13:55:40 9:27:02

0x4c544952 == 1280592210, so I think that first queue belongs there.

The other two probably should have disappeared. It could be a problem
with removal of the queues after a backup finishes, but the docs for
both FreeBSD and Linux say that msgctl(id, IPC_RMID) removes the queue
even if there are processes waiting on it. ktracing a process and
watching for the return value of any msgctl calls would be useful.

> <16> bpsched: scheduler exiting - error creating or getting message queue (209)
> The output of "ipcs -a" shows the following in the Message Queues section:
> q 65538 1280592210 --rw-rw-rw- root wheel root wheel 0 0 65536 0 0 no-entry no-entry 22:01:47
> q 65539 1093288528 --rw------- root wheel root wheel 296 1 65536 2853 2754 22:04:56 22:03:26 22:03:16
> q 65540 1331056194 --rw------- root wheel root wheel 0 0 65536 2763 2756 22:03:26 22:03:26 22:03:16
> If I remove these, then I can do another backup.

Dan Nelson
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