I'm sure the matter of the correct client layout can be sorted out.
Maybe replacing bpbkar with the FreeBSD version?

Anyhow - that's not the important bit for now. It's what this IOCTL
that the bpsched process is doing is for - and why bpsched can't free
it's message queue. I'd like to help out fixing this, but I'm fairly
new to the ABI stuff so I'm not sure where to start. If I install a
"propper" version of Linux and trace the system calls, would this help?



Chris Dillon wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, Jake Scott wrote:
>> That's right - it's the Master/Media functionality I'm trying to get
>> working under emulation. I've tried under FreeBSD 4.10, and that
>> doesn't get close to working. FreeBSD 5's emulation is much better.
>> I don't actually want to back up the FreeBSD machine itself- so I
>> don't really care which client is on there. I have the feeling it
>> would not be possible to have the Linux Masted/Media and the FreeBSD
>> client co-existing on the same machine anyway, as the components
>> share binaries and libraries that have to be at the same location on
>> the file system.

> You're probably right. If you wanted to, you could move the Linux
> netbackup installation to /compat/linux/usr/openv/netbackup and put
> the FreeBSD client in its proper location. The client is (probably)
> necessary to do the catalog backups on the master server. In this
> situation, the Linux master server would see the Linux client for the
> catalog backups, but if you had to run the client for some other
> reason, you'd get the native FreeBSD client.
>> I suppose one way round this would be to use VmWare for Linux on the
>> FreeBSD host, and run NetBackup under this in a "real" Linux
>> environment, but that seems very messy.

> Yes, but FreeBSD's Linux compatability should be able to handle this,
> though it might need a little bit of help.

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