That's right - it's the Master/Media functionality I'm trying to get
working under emulation. I've tried under FreeBSD 4.10, and that
doesn't get close to working. FreeBSD 5's emulation is much better.

I don't actually want to back up the FreeBSD machine itself- so I don't
really care which client is on there. I have the feeling it would not
be possible to have the Linux Masted/Media and the FreeBSD client
co-existing on the same machine anyway, as the components share binaries
and libraries that have to be at the same location on the file system.

I suppose one way round this would be to use VmWare for Linux on the
FreeBSD host, and run NetBackup under this in a "real" Linux
environment, but that seems very messy.



Chris Dillon wrote:

> On Sun, 6 Jun 2004, Dan Nelson wrote:
>> In the last episode (Jun 06), Jake Scott said:
>>> I'm trying to get the Linux version of Veritas NetBackup 5.0 working
>>> on FreeBSD. It mainly works, but after performing one backup, then
>>> fails to perform any others.

>> Why not just use the native FreeBSD NetBackup client?

> He's trying to run the master server and likely also the media server
> on FreeBSD, not just the client. He could (and should) run the native
> FreeBSD client even though he would be running the servers under Linux
> emulation on the same machine. I'd be interested in knowing how this
> turns out, as I'm currently running the master and media servers under
> Windows 2000 to back up various Windows and FreeBSD servers.

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