Akihiro Sagawa wrote:Hi,

In "Device name convert for linux use", wrote:
> I was developig a name and major/minor device number converting
> mechanism for linux applications to use on a linux.ko module , as if
> the application itself run on a linux.

> Is this helpful to linux emulator ?

This mail was a bit old, but that sounds great.

AFAIK, glibc's wordexp(3) checks /dev/null's device number before
opening /dev/null as stderr for a shell. If they are not match (ie.
under FreeBSD Linux emulation mode), wordexp always returns error.

And (maybe?) ld-linux.so also checks /dev/null's device number before
launching programs when one of stdin, stdout, stderr is closed and program
has set SetUID bit. (In glibc-2.3.2/sysdeps/generic/dl-sysdep.c???)

Therefore I made a quick hack patch for sys/compat/linux/linux_stats.c
to tell a lie about /dev/null's device number. But Sharp Gao's way seems
to be better.

Where is the patch?

Akihiro SAGAWA

To reproduce this problem, compile below source
with linux gcc.
---- for wordexp, cut here

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
int i, err;
wordexp_t we;

err = wordexp("`date`", &we, 0);
printf("err=%d\n", err);
if (!err)
for(i=0; i < we.we_wordc; i++)
printf("[%d] %s\n", i, we.we_wordv[i]);
---- to here

---- for ld-linux, cut here

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
char* exec_args[] = {"id", NULL};

printf("bye stdin\n");
printf("stdin has closed\n");
execvp(exec_args[0], exec_args);
printf("failed to exec prog.\n");
---- to here

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Hi , I moved from imgaolong@yahoo.com.cn to urgaolong@yahoo.com

for the trouble of gb2312 coding.

The intial pulse to build up a convert table is that we find some one in

linux always uses the tty? instead of ttyv? , and the gnu libc is always

fond of checking the major/minor numbers of the devices:->

I have patched the linux_file.c to use a virual name system

just correspond to the linux systems , when linux.ko passes device

names into the FreeBSD kernel , we just consult the table and convert

them into proper FreeBSD styles. So every linux application running on a

FreeBSD seemed to have a correct device name space , including the

major/minor device numbers.

After all , the real behavior of the devices are the critical thing. If the

behavior of the device in two operating systems is absolutely the

same , so every thing is OK , as we have already impletmented the

tty? to ttyv? convertion , nothing bad has ever happened . But not to

any device name else, if the device's behavior is just alike. Other things

continued to make the table still very short.

I may take up time to implement a my-best solution , well , it's just a

try , before I could understand every details of the device name properties

of both the Linux and FreeBSD devices.I was still wandering whether it

could be taken into the next version of linux emulation , for it really can

improve the compatiblities.

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