Your patch for vmware2 posted to -emulation a few weeks back worked
fine for me.. (I needed to dig up my old vmware2 license to run
usermode linux..)

There were 2 quirks which I don't think have anything to do with your

o - I have a UP system (-current from April 3) using IOAPIC with a UP
kernel. This confused vmware (and caused a kernel panic) until I
booted with hint.apic.0.disabled=1. I think we need to do a little
more work to get the apic address, and not make it conditional on SMP.

o - linux-base 8.x is too new to run vmware2. Due to a change in the
nice ABI in glibc, if you run vmware2 with newer libs, it will
crash, complaining that AIO is not implemented. This has nothing to
do with your patch, but I wanted to get it into the archives, as it
took me an hour or two of running strings on the linux libc and
Googling before I pulled the /compat/linux/lib directory from an old
4.x with linux_base-6.1 installed.

Anyway, please consider your patches tested. But we still need a
ports comitter...


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