eternal [Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 05:02:59PM -0700]:
> anyone out there with any experience with getting wine to work on freebsd
> 4.9? i've tried the port that i got on the disc1 iso, and it cant install
> anything without error (except starcraft, but the game wont accept keyboard
> input, and using the mouse to scroll around in the game causes it to scroll
> around the actual desktop...).

Well, yes, that's how it looks in general, at least that's how it did for
me. To run anything, you sometimes have to combine native/emulated DLL
settings in ~/.wine/config; sometimes an already installed Windows OS is
handy; sometimes you might want to use CrossOver Office plugin from
CodeWeavers, which is told to make things simpler.

> i have tried building wine-20040408, as well
> as from cvs -with either gcc32 or gcc33 - and they both fail to make (i have
> the make output in a file if anyone is interested).

Don't use gcc32. Yes, perhaps will be interested (of
course if that was cvsupped ports tree).

> last night, i installed
> linux_base-8, and i now have rpm support on my box... should i try
> installing a wine port for redhat8,

You could do that, why not. For some time I've used binary Linux version of, for example, just because the native version was just being
ported, and Linux binaries worked in a more stable way.

> or try to build wine from linux source?

There's no such thing as Linux source Wine for FreeBSD and Wine for Linux
is built from a single source tree (as far as I know!)

> please, i am trying so desperatly to get away from micro$oft, and just need
> a little help...

Have you tried VMware yet? It is a bit heavier than wine, but chances are it
will work much better...

.... unless you want to play games on it; in this case you might want to use
Linux with VMware.

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